Just in circumstance you haven't noticed any Pau Gasol rumors all through the previous 10 minutes, it's time to dirt away just one all of us believed was lifeless and revive it after more. It's a logical proceed for the two teams, shortly after all.


As the March 15 buy and sell deadline looms, it's only all natural that Dwight Howard rumors will sprout up like beauty beans.

As probably the most effective center all through the NBA, Howard is for the most part a warm commodity, suit to help any company develop by leaps and bounds.

Well, try this buy and sell rumor on for size. The Orlando beauty send out Howard, Hedo Turkoglu and Jameer Nelson toward Los Angeles Lakers along using the beauty would obtain Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol. The Toronto Raptors can be the 3rd celebration all through the deal, buying and selling point shield José Calderon to Orlando.

Enough to create your mind spin, isn't it?

Apparently it is for the Magic, too. beauty CEO Alex Martins informed the Orlando Sentinel how the rumor is flat-out wrong.

It should be noted that operator wealthy DeVos has repeatedly stated that he won't buy and sell Howard earlier to the deadline, believing the 26-year-old will re-sign using the celebration earlier to he hits free of demand company all through the summer.
But logic dictates how the beauty should buy and sell Howard. He's presently sent out his checklist of selected destinations, which consists of the Lakers, and it's quite obvious by now that he's tired from the beauty leaving him using a celebration not suit for just about any name run.

Howard has also been heavily linked toward New Jersey Nets and Dallas Mavericks, however the Mavericks would almost certainly only possess a shot at Howard all through free of demand company granted they don't have lots of best quality youthful pieces to buy and sell best suited now.

I even now think Howard lands using the Nets, unless the beauty are critically bone-headed enough to think Howard will re-sign with them. The Nets have Brook Lopez, up-and-coming rookie MarShon Brooks and two potential first-round picks to provide the Magic, and I can't see the Lakers providing up the two Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol.

For now, consider this for what it is: a rumor.

Plenty will sprout up all through the coming days, but only just one can blossom.

The 2012 NBA All-Stars had their aboriginal accumulation media availability affair of the weekend on Friday, and anybody who was called to the aggregation managed to appearance up and abide the absolute and sometimes-inane questions from both acceptable and non-traditional media outlets.
Everyone, that is, except Kobe Bryant.

I candidly don't accept how Derek Fisher is still playing. His career has been authentic by two things: clamp shots and acceptable leadership. Yet, at age 37 and with 15 seasons beneath his belt, he has never absolutely been what one would alarm an aristocratic point guard.

This year, Fisher is averaging just 5.5 credibility and 3.4 assists per game. As the starting point guard, it is his job to run the breach and actualize plays that will advice the Lakers win. Abandoned casual the brawl to Kobe and afresh dispatch aback affectionate of defeats that purpose.

Yes, he's a abundant locker allowance attendance and his resume of clamp shots is absolutely impressive, but the Lakers allegation a point bouncer who will accomplish the aggregation bigger and not just canyon the brawl to the a lot of reliable scorer.

Grade: D-

While the dude can't shoot his totally free throws, there is no doubt that center Shaquille O'Neal was a force for numerous many years since the Los Angeles Lakers center.

No period of your time stood out a whole whole lot more for No. 34 than 2000-01, especially where he averaged 28.7 factors every fixture even although grabbing 12. 7 rebounds. He also averaged 2.8 blocks a game, developing himself amid one of the most dominant avid gamers concerning the floor.

While the celebration would go on to gain a NBA title, that doesn't genuinely make any difference in conditions of MVP voting.

The dilemma can be the actuality that Allen Iverson—who was nonetheless an elusive shield to the Philadelphia 76ers—won the award. Iverson do standard 31.1 factors every game, but apart from that, he wasn't as well impressive, as he averaged just 4.6 assists with 4 turnovers a night.
What can I say; it isn't a massive man's world.

While NBA legend Michael Jordan wasn't in actuality reduce from his increased college celebration as numerous experienced perceived, arguably the best participant of all-time was reduce inside the varsity squad through his freshman season.

In 1978, Jordan was named a member of Laney High's junior-varsity basketball team. even although he didn't make the varsity squad, most of us know especially where his job went from there.

Perhaps Jordan getting snubbed from varsity made him can be found to be the challenging worker he was acknowledged to be, so we are able to thank instructor Clifton Herring for undertaking what he did.

Or possibly Jordan, just like numerous other increased college athletes, just obtained mixed inside the crowd and didn't make the huge celebration his very first time around.
To say the least, when he was offered his time to shine, he do not disappoint.