This was originally written as a short reply to BizDevsConglomerate's latest piece on his blog titled "Death of an Industry". It transformed into a rambling stream of conciousness about the state of the games industry, and its gruesomely slow evolution. I highlight NBA 2K as my main target seeing as I play it the most, and I use the new "Signature Skills" feature to as an example of the lack of innovation and the lack of speedy innovation:

I've been saying this for quite some time. 

Obviously, in what seems to be a nfl wholesale jerseys gesture of attempted goodwill from Howard will be taken more as an insult by a lot of people. The things Howard has said over the past year have been nothing but empty words. The talk of loyalty and love for the city was followed up with two-faced trade Cheap NBA Jerseys requests and decidedly snaky actions. 
It's something that Howard didn't have to do. He could've just moved on cheap soccer jerseys to L.A. and put Orlando completely in his rearview mirror.