While the dude can't shoot his totally free throws, there is no doubt that center Shaquille O'Neal was a force for numerous many years since the Los Angeles Lakers center.

No period of your time stood out a whole whole lot more for No. 34 than 2000-01, especially where he averaged 28.7 factors every fixture even although grabbing 12. 7 rebounds. He also averaged 2.8 blocks a game, developing himself amid one of the most dominant avid gamers concerning the floor.

While the celebration would go on to gain a NBA title, that doesn't genuinely make any difference in conditions of MVP voting.

The dilemma can be the actuality that Allen Iverson—who was nonetheless an elusive shield to the Philadelphia 76ers—won the award. Iverson do standard 31.1 factors every game, but apart from that, he wasn't as well impressive, as he averaged just 4.6 assists with 4 turnovers a night.
What can I say; it isn't a massive man's world.

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