Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers could see wholesale jerseys himself playing in Europe once his current NBA contract is done. Of course, I am guessing that Kobe could see himself doing a lot of things after he retires from basketball. Whether he is serious about Europe or was just giving a reporter a sound bite, we will not necessarily know for two years. However, with Kobe's roots in Europe, you could certainly see him enjoying a goodwill tour around the world while continuing to grow his international brand. The question is, what about the next two years? 
Just talk? 
Only Kobe knows what he wants to do with the rest of his life, and for right now he is going to say the right things about winning another title with Los Angeles. I don't doubt that he would like another ring or Baltimore Ravens Jersey two, but you wonder if he has the same drive and stamina that he did in the past. With Steve Nash arriving, perhaps he will get a boost of energy. The Olympics were interesting from the standpoint of watching Michael Phelps. He won his share of medals in London, but he admitted that he didn't necessarily put in his full effort. He appears to want other things in his life besides swimming, and he is arguably going out on top. Would Kobe ever get to that point? Will Kobe chase other challenges that do not include the basketball court? 

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